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Melbourne’s premier supplier of
decorative exposed aggregate.

coloured aggregate
Black Based Exposed Aggregate Mixes!

These products are all mixed with a variety of coloured oxides to change the background matrix, creating some of our most popular mixes.

grey aggregate
Grey and Blended Based Exposed Aggregate Mixes!

These mixes use a variety of stones ranging from cream, brown to black set in a grey base, which are very popular with today's modern houses.

off white aggregate
Off White Based Exposed Aggregate Mixes!

These earthy stone mixes blend nicely with an off white cement to create an almost beach like effect, with a number of choices within this range.


Mentone Premix polished concrete floors add a unique touch of glamour and beauty to your home. With a wide range of
colours and aggregates to choose from, you will find something that suits the style of your home.

Popular Choices – Internal

Popular Choices – External

Make that moment last
a lifetime with exposed aggregate.

Mentone Pre Mix has concrete floor solutions for your home or business.
We offer brilliant customer service and expert advice that spans more than 60 years of industry experience.

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Got a burning question about exposed aggregate?
Find some of our most commonly asked questions below.

Can Exposed Aggregate Concrete be placed over existing concrete?

Yes – provided certain practices are in place. It is best to discuss your particular situation with us at the time of choosing your mix.

Does Exposed Aggregate Concrete require reinforcing mesh?

This is most important, as it helps reduce and control the incidence of cracking. Most cracks are formed within the first 24 hours of the concrete being placed but only become noticeable at a later date. Properly placed reinforcing mesh and acceptable concrete slumps are two ways to reduce the potential for cracking.

Does Exposed Aggregate Concrete require expansion control joints?

Yes – carefully planned Expansion Control Joints are also essential and are used to reduce the potential for random cracking. Methods used include:

• Saw Cutting
• Aluminum Strips
• Rubber Foam

Sometimes the clever use of pavers or bricks can disguise the crack control joint.

Should Exposed Aggregate Concrete be sealed?

Yes – after your job has been laid and acid-washed correctly it is advisable to seal your new investment. This will:

• Offer some protection against staining
• Enhance the natural colours of aggregate in the mix design

Can any concreter lay Exposed Aggregate Concrete?

No – we strongly advise you to use one of our Preferred Contractors that we have specifically trained to apply our products. However, if you are an enthusiastic concreter who would like to become a Mentone Premix Preferred Applicator then please contact Gary or Glenn Finemore at Head Office for further details.

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