Internal Polished Concrete Floor

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St George Internal

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Concrete Floor Finish for Inside the Home

Designed to be used in domestic and commercial applications. Particularly suited to all internal flooring where low maintenance is a criteria, combined with high thermal efficiency, abrasion resistance, low allergen benefits and just sheer elegance.

What are the benefits of an Extreme Finish internal polished concrete floor?

  • Almost endless choice of aggregates and matrix colours
  • Durable and hard wearing, designed to last a lifetime
  • Cost effective, low maintenance alternative to timber & tile flooring
  • Resistant to water, oils, food and most chemicals
  • Create a quality feel to your home and a “wow” factor designed to impress
  • An excellent investment, instantly adding value to your home
  • Easy to maintain and clean, giving you more time to enjoy your lifestyle
  • Suitable for allergy sufferers with less dust, dirt, pollen or other allergens
  • Blends well with natural materials such as glass, timber & stone products
  • Improved natural lighting from increased reflectivity of the floor

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