Our Disclaimer

Mentone Premix endeavours to provide the highest quality of product and service available. At the time of ordering we request that as much information that relates to your project is given to our staff e.g. whether concrete is being pumped or not, time between loads, set times of concrete, means of placement and type of surface retarder being used.

By using the combination of experienced concrete contractors and Mentone Pre Mix, will ensure your project will exceed all of your expectations!

Aggregates used in Exposed Aggregates Concrete and or Polished Concrete are natural products and can vary in colour, shape and size. These changes can also change the shade of the concrete matrix.

Any sample of aggregates or finished product shown to you are only indicative and illustrative of the type of finish to be achieved and no guarantee is given that the finished product will conform to these samples.

WARNING: Work Safely with Concrete

Why you should take care.

  • When hardened concrete products are cut, drilled, sawed, routed, chased, sanded, broken up or ground, silica dust may be released. Breathing silica dust over time may lead to lungs disease including bronchitis, silicosis and lung cancer.
  • Freshly mixed concrete may irritate ayes and skin and may cause dermatitis.

Protect yourself against breathing dust or getting it in your eyes, and against skin contact.

When cutting, drilling, sawing, routing, chasing, sanding, breaking up or grinding hardened concrete products.

  • Use suitable dust extraction equipment
  • Wear protective clothing
  • Wear a P2 dust mask (AS/NZS 1715/1716) and eye protection (AS/NZS 1337).

When working with freshly mixed concrete:

  • Wear protective clothing, gloves (AS 2161) and eye protection (AS/NZS 1337)

First Aid

  • Eyes and skin – wash with plenty of water.
  • Dust breathed in – move straight to fresh air

Clean up every day

  • Wash you work clothes often Its best not to put them in the same wash as other clothes
  • When working in an enclosed area wet and sweep OR dry-vaccuum all dust, collect solid waste and put all in a covered container wear all protective gear.
  • Follow local authority requirements for getting rid of waste